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companies like hyperfund. HyperFund Promises 300% Return over the Period of 600 Days. Contact Email. Like most, just trying to find easier ways of earning. They are promising people who are willing to ‘invest’ into their own in house tokens (HU) in exchange for real legitimate and value based Tether (USDT). You might be surprised! Click to learn more. The hyper-funding of 2014 and 2015 ruined all of the above and it is time to go back to the basics. Amazing company everyone is like a family, supportive, there when you need them and l'm making great profit on my investment x All those negative comments must be paid shrills !!!!. Form D filed by Hyperfund Investments Llc with the security and exchange commission. HU (Hyper Unit) is the equivalent to USD and has an approximately 1:1 value to the US Dollar. Seems like things are getting out of control for the HyperFund Scam. Only assets in private funds following hedge fund strategies are counted. They are untrustworthy and frequently violate trade restrictions as an unlicensed Investment Company. If you don’t want to lose money, stay away from it! Investing is a legitimate opportunity, but it is not easy to make money in it. So Sam Lee, which is the chairman of Hyperfund and this other guy Ryan Xu which is the founder had a company that was feeding revenue to HyperFund. Hedge funds invest in domestic and international markets alike. Hyper Fund - click the image to register. You can join HyperFund Global here. Rorysinghreviews. Then since October 1st, only the official presentation slides were to be used to explain HyperFund. Hyperfund è un’applicazione interna ad una infrastruttura nel settore della DeFi (Decentralized Finance). hyperfund_the strongest rocket in blockchain finance hyperfund_the. It provides policies for travel insurance and life insurance. HyperFund is part of the HyperTech Group, "The Group will further spread the influence of token investments in traditional industries, in the areas of asset tokenization, industry tokenization. Presta atención. Happens to be that a mayor in Germany is now promoting the HyperFund Ponzi scheme. Iniciemos SOMOS HYPER FUND LATINOAMÉRICA E: [email protected] After seeing him make a few poor throws, Mannion is confident that it is easy money. “ #Hyperfund is backed by Huge Crypto companies. Watch the video above to see how to purchase your membership package. But seems like HyperFund is not having any issues at all, even though this massive bombshell is Aug 16, 2021 · HyperFund's operation and purpose. HyperFund has tens of websites, companies, cryptocurrency exchange portals/apps, and so on. Alexa is a popular web service known to rank websites by their estimated popularity. Once one collapses, then he re-launches the new one with a new name. Alexa Traffic Rank: 0. Earn Money By Recruiting and 10x Your Rewards. Is there a redemption company like hyperfund? Hyperfund is a redemption company! I have tried other platforms and had so many challenges, but with hyperfund they have done everything they. We withdrawal our rewards from HyperFund through Hoo Exchange. It looks like HyperFund 2. Hyper Fund was announced in mid-2020. Whether Xu is based in Hong Kong or elsewhere is unclear. The Great Depopulation Begins–40% Jump in the Death Rate of the Vaccinated. hyperfund is a business crowdfunding online marketplace that connects entrepreneurs with investors to fund and grow. The firm last filed a Form D notice of exempt offering of securities on 2013-10-30. Why did I not become a member earlier? This is just a pure amazing company and they. hyperfund-scam. They also have the following companies that seem to be feeding their guaranteed returns. Normally death rates don’t change at all. This is a global company and plans to build a community of 30 million team members worldwide. com Is a Comprehensive Crypto Scam. HyperFund affiliates invested into an internal token, on the promise of a 300% Return Of Investment. Fa parte dell’ecosistema HyperTech, un insieme di società nel settore FinTech che collaborano tra loro e che sono in continua espansione. Is HyperFund Global Legit? We are often presented with two common arguments or questions and would like 2. Открыть Страницу «Hyperfund Global» на Facebook. Provided by Alexa ranking, hyperfund-scam. submitted 8 months ago by Fedetc_exe. Companies in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space spend tens of MILLIONS of dollars to attract users to their projects or tokens…With this unique system, the HyperFund Group is able to leverage their resources acquire innovative projects, get them listed on big exchanges virtually for free, get massive media exposure, & put a strong. Get In while it's still New! NFA DYOR #cryptocurrency #bitcoin #crypto #blockchain #btc #money #ethereum #investment #forextrader #entrepreneur #invest”. Warnings First published: 23/03/2021 Last updated: 10/12/2021. Saladmaster Review – The Company. Life Insurance Tips Info You Must Know – 704180091716858923 Life Insurance Life How Are You Feeling Ranging from big names like aviva to newer companies like beagle street, these reviews give an overview of the cover […]. HYPERFUND IS A SCAM? (self. We produce premium quality interactive experiences that reach audiences on all platforms. Like ScamWatcher. Hyperfund provides 3 times reward on the purchase of a membership and pays this reward at the rate of between 0. Esto puede ser "Eso que estás buscando". They’ve never seen anything like this before in their history. com uses a Commercial suffix and it's server(s) are located in N/A with the IP number 172. HyperFund Rewards Calculator Dragonheart. As the only hardlines wholesaler with a trusted, iconic and globally-recognized brand that doesn’t require a stock minimum or equity investment, we provide locally relevant product and superior availability, customizable product assortments, competitive prices, industry-leading fill rates, performance-driven marketing programs. The two play and Mannion appears to be on the verge of winning with Lasso needing two “triple 20s” and a bullseye on his final three shots. com Go to website vs. Hyperverse Login: Ryan Xu and Sam Lee’s, the two self-depicted Blockchain makers are responding to a progression of fizzled crypto projects, including Blockchain Global and Hyper (X subs for postfixes like Tech, Fund, and Capital). Form D Hyperfund Investments Llc. Fonte: hyper. And this can be on a website (just like this one) or YouTube. Since April, all marketing must pass through the compliance office for approval. * $300 into $3000. Their Hyperfund rebrands directly following examinations regarding tricks in Europe by specialists. The website has a traffic rank of #728,939 among millions of other sites according to Alexa data. Explore Coinbase Cloud. com alternatives. sharpen companies’ abilities to conceive, design, and exploit distinctive offerings that meet customers’ demands at the exact moment they most need them. Io ho dei molti dubbi. Ryan Xu launched it years ago. This FREE Course will help you understand blockchain, crypto currency, HyperFund and so much more! Now is the time for a transfer of wealth. It’s so pitiful. Each company gets $300k in funding along with access to Hyper's unique features, like our partner and mentor Investment from Hyper is kind of like a membership — it comes with access to our partners, experts, and mentors, plus an 8-week-long founder program. Like all network marketing companies, HyperFunds rewards affiliates to sponsor new members who invest into the company. Hyperfund - HyperFund - Rocket Blockchain Finance. Hyperfund Review - The Truth About Hyperfund Global And Hypertech Group In this in depth hyperfund global review you will Networking Business like Hyperfund Global, Jocial, and. PetronPay review – The conclusion. The notice included securities offered of Debt,Option, Warrant or Other Right to Acquire Another Security,Security to be Acquired Upon Exercise of Option, Warrant or Other Right to Acquire Security. Hyperfund is located in California, USA, and has been in business since March 30 Triple your onetime membership fund in Twenty Months! What is Hyper Fund. This is an Independent Members site and and all opinions expressed are not representative of the company. Hyper Fund is an unlicensed broker that operates from an offshore location. Hyperfund Review - The Truth About Hyperfund Global - In Depth Hyperfund Global Review. A couple of weeks ago a friend of mine suggested that I invest in this blockchain company https. CollinStar company is an angel investor in 40+ exchanges and Ryan Xu was the founder. So not every month can be profitable, same with trading. If this company is part of "HyperTech" Well…. The opportunity was founded back in the year 1946 by a guy called Harry Lemmons. From the leaders like Airbnb and Booking Uber, to the big bonus offered by insurance companies like WorldNomad, you. A portfolio of wholly owned companies like Product Hunt (which still counts AngelList as a majority investor and Ravikant on its. What is HyperFund? When I accessed the Hyper Fund's website for the first time, I was not at all surprised, as the design of the website is quite similar to many other kinds of HYIP sites. Details: This is how you can pay for your. Details: HyperFund will devote itself to developing quality blockchain projects, lead the strategic direction of Fintech, and aims to. The ones that come to mind now are HyperCash, HyperCapital, HyperFund, and now the most recent one HyperVerse. Companies do pay for displaying their ads. 6- Bermuda. View & analyze the ONE-HYPER fund chart by total assets, risk Fusion Media would like to remind you that the data contained in this website is not necessarily real-time nor accurate. thehypermining. Then, just before he. Hoo is owned by CollinStar. HyperTech represents it operates from Hong Kong. Websites with a rank of less than 500. 423 likes · 65 talking about this. Yet, the Achilles heel for hyper-funded Indeed, I was one of those like Sukumar who dreamt the same dream when I started my company as a college student in 1999. tech – hypertechgrp. Отметки "Нравится": 602 · Обсуждают: 39. Details: Compare all mutual funds in aggressive hybrid fund,aggressive hybrid category based on multiple. November 2021 analysis. HyperFund is claiming to have a highly efficient Defi ecosystem capable of helping people make maximum gains in the HyperFund Review: TheHyperFund. Do you agree with Hyperfund's star rating? Hyperfund is one of the best investment among lots of investment companies avialable in the market place, For the passive and huge earning Hyperfund is. FutureNet allegedly claimed that, for payment of $195 to $794, investors could earn between $5000 and $125,000 per month as distributors of Internet access devices like WebTV. We have operations spanning the Americas, Europe, and APAC. 4 What is HyperFund? 5 How do I get started with HyperFund? The beauty of money lei necklaces is the folding pattern of the dollar bills, folding the money like a fan to make a flower is a popular design. If a person clicks on the ads, he gets directed to the specific company website and the owner of the 1st website gets a few cents. Worlds strongest block chain alliance public listed group of company offering you We would like to thank everyone for bringing their expertise and experience around the table and engaging in such a fruitful. The World’s largest influencer marketing platform. According to the company’s official website, “the Saladmaster brand began back in 1946 in the home of Harry Lemmons. 00, $500, $1 000, or multiples thereof. Stay clear from this Investment Company since they are untraceable and can. Listing Results about Hyperfund Global Calculator University. 0 won’t happen, but they are sticking with HyperVerse. Connect with us at one of our offices across 30 cities. [email protected] I’m tired of failures bad mouthing a company due to their own lack of success. HyperFund_The Strongest Rocket in Blockchain Finance thehyperfund. 000 should have a lot of traffic, a low rank. Now you must log into your HyperFund account and purchase your membership package and receive 3 times your membership value. International Online Student’s Profile, Revenue and Employees. online; HyperFund invites like minded members of the worldwide public to join the community by investing in bonds with rewards; 4 The Bonds pay from 0. There is a convoluted back-trail of owners, investors, shell companies and the like, hyperfund. Alliant Credit Union — 0. WhatsApp Us Today to learn how you can take advantage of this life-changing rewards opportunity in the digital finance ecosystem! BECOME A MEMBER OF HYPERFUND GLOBAL Join our HyperFund Global Community today and fund your account to receive education and rewards to financial. Find Similar websites like hyperfund-global. The domain hyperfund-scam. They also promise anywhere between 0. com reviews from customer is scam, paying or legit hyperfund. Check Hyperfund. Hyperfund is based out of Anacortes. But it just collapsed a few days ago. HyperFund Global is a completely passive income opportunity that pays between 0. When, while the lovely valley teems with vapor around me, and the meridian sun strikes the upper surface of the impenetrable foliage of my trees, and but a few stray gleams steal into the inner sanctuary, I throw myself down among the tall grass by the trickling stream; and, as I lie close to the earth, a thousand unknown plants are noticed by me: when I hear the buzz of the little world among. hyperfund-global. HyperFundprovides the most incredible rewards! You become a member of HyperFund with $300. Following our announcement about the unification of Farmcrowdy, Farmgate Africa and Agricsquare as Farmcrowdy, we would like to officially announce the launch of our new platform. Top 20 Hedge Funds by 3-Year Annualized Weighted Return. Enter Now → Login →. HyperFund is a company in the Hypertech. HUGE NEWS: Bishares Comes To Fantom With Decentralized Exchange Traded Funds dETFs Bison Token. txt · Last modified: 2020/12/06 06:37 by spxdxrbxtxs. Through Crypto-Plug you get access to our proprietary system that can give you exclusive private token pre-sale for hand-picked projects not available anywhere else, generate daily. Page Tools. 0% daily on your membership until it has returned three times your cost. Hyperfund, a business crowdfunding online marketplace that connects entrepreneurs with investors. Discover new companies using five search parameters, including sector, location, public/private company status, employee count, and annual revenue. Notice of Exempt Offering of Securities, items 06b, 3C, 3C. I'll leave you to make your own mind up……good luck. hyper fund is a very common argument when it comes to home building, and it has nothing to do with personal bias. We just found out some really crazy news. I would like to receive news, special offers and other information from Hyperverse and I am 16 years old or older. HyperFund is a member of the HyperTech Group and this. Other regulators like the SEC may come looking soon. The announcement today is the Hyper the fund, and the fact that they're opening applications to a small cohort of 25 companies. Ciao Naty, io sono su hyperfund global da circa 6 mesi, ho costruito un bel pacchetto e già ho anche prelevato una parte del mio investimentose vuoi. Hyperfund global - Another Scam? at Others. Especially the TrustPilot reviews. 7% ROI through March 2020 using masternoding. HyperFund Course. Hyperfund Global. The competitors for hyperfund in Startup Ranking. com Alexa traffic rank: The website should have a good traffic. Welcome to True Value Company, where we celebrate independence. Business will have busy seasons and slow seasons. Not only this, he has also written - The Golden Tap, the inside story of hyper-funded Indian. HyperFund now has several fraud warnings and now the Australian Securities is looking in vain it seems find Ryan Xu and Sam Lee. But overhead expenses will remain the same. 5% to 1% daily returns…. Video result for Hyperfund HyperFund Review -Is HyperFund Global Real Or Another Hyperfund Instructions - How to withdraw your rewards HyperFund - Legit Investing Opportunity Or Ponzi Scam. Thank you! Your submission has been received!. Just like tracking an Uber cab, customers can track food, ecommerce deliveries, service The company follows a 'pay-per-use' model where it charges about 4 cents per task. com reaches roughly 497 users per day and delivers about 14,924 users each month. "Why does HyperFund Global need people's money if they are so successful already?". Hyper Fund is paying it's community a passive income at 0. 5% to 1% 7 days a week and 200% roi - currently 300% but will go to 2X soon. Everything has checked out with the company and the CEO using several research techniques I used which is a great thing. Hyperfund Calculator Economic! Analysis economic indicators including growth, development Hyperfund Global Calculator University. -- Created at 24/08/2021, 13 Replies - Dost and Dimes -- India's Fastest growing Online Shopping Community to find Hottest deals, Coupon codes and Freebies. HyperFund's Marketing Director Alfred Qiu shared the roadmap for the next few years, with plans for HyperTech Group to be listed in the Hong Kong Stock Exchange by 2022. org, BehindMLM is another scam website that makes money through spreading negativity and resentment against companies like HyperFund. HYPER FUND Global. The information in this article is mostly sourced online except for a few references made from my own personal. 5% to 1% per day 7 days a week to an average of approx 15% per. › Get more: DriversDetail Drivers. We know quite well what brands need, as we also know very well which influencers will fit in. Join StormGain — the most complete platform to invest in crypto. Live Zoom Presentation Every Wed and Fri 7pm EST, Click Here to Join! Meeting ID: 987 5061 4716 Passcode: 7373. Alliant Credit Union is the only credit union on this list and they are NCUA insured (NCUA is the equivalent of the FDIC for credit unions, same protections and same amounts – NCUA #67955). Indiana life insurancer CEO says deaths are up 40% among people ages 18-64. The top 20 performing hedge funds as of Q4 2021, ranked by their annualized 3 year performance. HyperVerse Review - HyperFund Exit Scam Warning Alert? Hyperfund Review Hyperfund gives members access to a proprietary system that provides you exclusive, private token pre-sales. Company Type. Here you'll find information about their funding, investors and team. 3- New Zealand. HyperFund has constructed a DeFi ecosystem that will provide a completely decentralized financial HyperTech Group has launched the HyperFund - Ogilvy Plan to build a DeFi (Decentralized Finance). HyperFund is similar to other rewards programs run by credit card providers such AMEX, or Hotel Groups like Marriott and Hilton Hotels, and many Airline companies. See business transparency. PetronPay is an investment scam that has been blacklisted by the Swiss financial regulator FINMA. Thankyou Hyperfund. HyperFund The Strongest Rocket in Blockchain Finance HyperFund will devote itself to developing quality blockchain projects, lead the strategic direction of Fintech, and aims to make more contributions to the blockchain industry. The Group claims to have launched the Hyper Fund to provide a decentralized financial infrastructure. HyperFund Global is a crypto community founded by highly respected and influential people in the Blockchain industry. Find out more about unauthorised firms and individuals. Hyperfund Global is a company from Ryan Xu who started Bitcoin Group in 2014 along with Sam Now he's an owner or investor in many companies including the most successful Cryptocurrency. On Youtube, the earning potential is about $4 per 1,000 views. The FTC filed suit, charging that FutureNet's earnings claims were false because the company really operated an illegal pyramid scheme. There is a great scene in the first season of Ted Lasso in which the show’s antagonist, Rupert Mannion, challenges Lasso to a game of darts. Hyperfund Global Calculator! hyperfund rewards calculator View the latest news and breaking news today. Find our live One Hyper Financial Instruments Fund fund basic information. I would like to invite you to HyperFund Global. Hyper Fund manages investments in firms leveraging blockchain technology, looks for tokens that have high community demand and innovations to digital currency technology across the globe. uk Go to website vs. Hyper Fund provides seed funding for startups. Download for free: Hyperfund Scam Collapsed - Reboots As Hyperverse (Scam). Introducing Crowdyvest and Farmcrowdy’s New MD. The company is owned by another company called Hypertech. 5% and 1% per day – every day. 5- Germany. This was the company BlockChain Global. The account minimum to open is $5 (but they will give you $5 to open an account!). Hello everyone: Today I will go over 6 main points on why you should treat trading like a business in order to succeed in this industry. A: Payout transaction fees. com T: +57 +1 310 HYPERFUND. It is simply a statement of the fact that the collective has the resources to build a home and then the individuals are blamed for not having that resource. Hyper Fund Nepal Honest review By RP Srijan । Hyper Fund Global Nepali PRESENTATION BY ROSHAN POKHREL. Here is my HyperFund Germany blog post where you can take a look at some news from a few weeks ago. Find Out Whether HyperFund is a Scam or Not. As of the beginning of Q4 2021, next update in days. So Sam Lee, which is the chairman of Hyperfund and this other guy Ryan Xu which is the founder had a company that was. We are a digital play production partner for global clients. Hyper Fund Global Founder Ryan Xu (The King of Blockchain & Cryptocurrency) :- +91 Hypertech Group CEO, Jayden Wei announced to the Hyperfund community that the Hypertech Group will be. HyperFund is not authorised or registered by the FCA. HyperFund - The Smart Way to Invest into the Crypto Boom best thehyperfund. passiveincome). What is HyperFund? What kind of scheme are they offering? What is HyperFund? A Review. Oct 2020 - Present1 year. I don’t even like the owners (Devos family) I don’t agree with their political views and I don’t plan on ever going back to Amway but that doesn’t mean I’m going to lie and act like there is any ring wrong with the company. He pretty much launches one scam after the other. com being … membership rewards plan offered by Hyperfund. HyperFund's Marketing Director Alfred Qiu shared the roadmap for the next few years, with plans for HyperTech Group to be listed in the Hong Kong Stock Exchange by 2022. Professional Level. Together, these capabilities characterize organizations that can consistently deliver hyper-relevant services. Overview: 20% - 100% total profit. Strong Marketing campaigns, with sharp strategy are our forte. Saladmaster is one of the oldest companies in the MLM industry. The hyperfund customer acquisition strategy is NOT just paid for from Blockchain global's. It is an internal value indicator that Founded in 2017, it has successfully operated wealth management products for some of the largest fintech companies in China and. In short, they transform static companies into Living Businesses. Nowadays, investing in cryptocurrencies has become easier than ever before. They make much more than what they are paying their 200,000 current HyperFund members. To appear ‘legitimate’ Hyperfund has issued a ‘Due Diligence’ report which appears very sketchy in itself. I was invited to Hyperfund by a friend 3 months before I decided to give it a try and I can say just one thing. Like many other payment apps and platforms available today, fees are taken out for the transaction to move the funds to your bank account. You can try it on a free demo account with a regulated broker. Fill in the necessary details like Username, Password, Email and click on the Obtain button to get the verification number. For Profit. you will learn just how to turn. trend andreskindred. Hi there, We're Hyperfund Investment Ltd (ABN 11 119 159 741) of , California When we say 'we', 'us' or 'Hyperfund Investments' it's because that's who we are and we own and run the Sites. Qualcuno conosce Hyperfund Global? è un Blockchain. Hyperfund Global Calculator University! education degrees, study universities, college, learning courses. HyperFund is the latest launch by Ryan Xu's company HyperTech. 132 and it is a. We are that unmistakable bridge linking Brands and Influencers. In 2019 in the month of October, Yoieldnodes entered its beta phase and has helped members earn a 47. The company is owned by another company called Hypertech. hyperfund - Crunchbase Company Profile & Funding. However, the company is a member of: The California Association for Financial Professionals, Industry Advisory Board Member at Wealth Management Magazine and Companies We Like to Work With program by Invesp National Network LLC (INN), International Franchisee Ambassador Program in Australia – Asia Pacific Region 2016 Winner Silver Awardee. Meaningful connections between brands and engaged consumers, wherever they are, however they connect. What is Hyper Fund Hyperfund is a subsidiary of the the HyperTech group of Blockchain companies. Hyperfund is being marketed and promoted as some Blockchain Group of ‘experts’ but in reality it’s just another MLM / Network Marketing company that isn’t set up fully legal. All-in-one crypto app with 0% commissions. Sam Lee HyperFund Fraud. I cannot talk about all of them here in this article. HyperFund is an emerging ecosystem that will create a more decentralized. Under no circumstances should this presentation be considered as any type of solicitation, investment or financial advice. Publishing negativity, false reviews. Earn a passive income from home without having to invite others. HyperFund Compliance Message To Affiliates. Disclaimer: I am an independent member & marketer in the HyperFund community. Buy, store, trade, exchange, learn and earn crypto with a single tap. Below are the 20 largest hedge funds in the world ranked by discretionary assets under management (AUM) as of mid-2020. But they all start with the “hyper” word. There are so many news around this company these days, but this is definitely the latest one as of today. Sources said Hyper Fund, a DEFI by Hyper Tech Group has come under the radar recently. According to the Financial Times, more money went into funding agricultural technology start-ups last year than the previous two combined, as battle lines were drawn between traditional “big ag” companies and some of the Silicon Valley venture capitalists looking to upend the multibillion-dollar industry. When we first started Farmcrowdy, our goal was to empower rural farmers across Africa, thereby enabling everyone to. 连接服务器超时,点击屏幕重试. When we work, we think. Leading Referring Sites Websites sending the most traffic (non-paid) to thehyperfund. “This is huge. Plans For The Next Decade. If they are innocent why are they flying below the radar. The company launched in the summer of 2018 and has been running since that time. The Hypertech Group is made up of several hugely successful blockchain companies that have been investing in and incubating some of. 2021-07-02 · So far, Hyperfund has 6 Investor Fraud Warning Alerts from: 1- UK. 4- Guernsey. Hyperfund Login : Detailed Login Instructions LoginNote. Hyperfund was established to be the "Customer Acquisition Vehicle" for this alliance of over 200 Blockchain companies which are either owned by or affiliated with the Fund. Hyperfund is one of their core businesses providing members with excellent returns on their crypto investments! Click here to join now and make a passive stream of income with crypto and build that retirement fund. Check if hyperfund. Participation in this project, like any other, involves risk. Banking, Financial Services and Insurance iAngels, an angel investment firm, enabling a global investor audience the opportunity to invest in early stage start-ups in Israel. com offers 20% - 100% total profit. This is the third version of re-launch Investor Fraud Warnings: Hyperfund (Hypertech has been doing their best to dodge investor fraud. Over 2,000 companies worldwide rely on us to help them measure, predict, and improve performance across all channels, including brick-and-mortar and e-commerce. Term life insurance that will give you peace of mind. com, the share of traffic they send from all referrals and the change in share from the previous month. companies like hyperfund 5% daily, compounded is simply unsustainable. com has ranked N/A in N/A and 6,204,930 on the world. HyperFund and HyperGroup make billions of dollars. Hyperfund Global Presentation is about a technology company making big leaps in the crypto space with various types of divisions. Scammed by HyperFund? Get Your Money Back From Online Scams Free Consultation Livechat 24/7 High Recovery SuccessScammed By HyperFund? Let's Recover Your Money Now!. Hedge funds are alternative investments that use a variety of methods such as leveraged derivatives, short-selling, and other speculative strategies to earn a return that outperforms the broader market.

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